Create the Ultimate Open Plan Living Space: 26 Ideas for Australian Families

One thing is a no-brainer; families need space.

And as your family grows, you find you need more space. So how can you expand the space you already have instead of up and moving?
Open plan living, that’s how. Removing superfluous walls can instantly increase your space but it doesn’t stop there. There are more ways to achieve your ultimate open plan living space than you might think.

We’ve gathered 26 quick ideas to help you get started.



Tip’s 1-10:

  • Merge your dining, living, and kitchen areas for enhanced flow and functionality.
  • Try a neutral colour palette for cohesion across different zones.
  • In contrast, juxtaposing various textures like stone, metal, and wood brings dynamics.
  • Harness natural light through skylights or expansive windows.
  • Introduce greenery with potted plants or a compact indoor garden.
  • Define areas within an open plan with strategically placed rugs and soft furnishings.
  • Incorporate a kitchen island for storage and workspace.
  • Illuminate with pendant lighting for visual intrigue.
  • Integrate a mezzanine or loft for additional storage or an extra room.
  • Sliding doors or partitions are great for privacy.

Tip’s 11 to 20:

  • A fireplace or a striking piece of art can make a great focal point.
  • Choose multi-functional furniture like extendable dining tables and nesting coffee tables.
  • Carve out a tranquil oasis with a dedicated reading nook or window seat.
  • Maximise inventive storage solutions like under-stair compartments or built-in shelving.
  • Install a breakfast bar or casual dining area for impromptu meals and social gatherings.
  • Bold cushions or statement furniture pieces will add flair.
  • Showcase family photos and artwork with a gallery wall.
  • Strike a balance between display and storage needs with open and closed shelving.
  • Infuse vitality with an eclectic mix of patterns and prints.
  • Elevate opulence with stone or marble finishes.
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Tip’s 21 to 26:

  • Add a built-in desk for a home office or study area.
  • Integrate outdoor living with indoor areas for cohesion.
  • Flexible seating options like ottomans, lounges, and armchairs can add variety.
  • Wrangle in those stray toys with a designated kids-only space.
  • Open plan lends itself well to creating a cinema space with a projector.
  • Bring the family together by asking for their input and integrating each person’s preferences into your ultimate open plan design.
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Open plan living gives a sense of freedom and openness. Connection and communication is important in any family and by dropping the barriers and embracing open plan design, we can bring the whole family together while still respecting their personal needs.

For expert guidance on refining your ultimate open plan living space, reach out to our knowledgeable team.