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Elite New Homes is the leading custom home builders in Melbourne

We welcome you here to be a part of our amazing journey of building homes for families. Our service packages are designed to inspire and build you the custom new home you’ve always wanted.

We understand that your home is an important space for you and your family. So when you are looking to buy or build a new home, you want reliable and honest services. This is exactly what we offer.

Our custom house builders of Melbourne incorporate your vision and ideas into our customised plans. This also allows them to identify your key requirements and support you through the entire process.

Our House Building Process

At Elite New Homes, our Melbourne custom home builders take the time to understand your expectations and what you want to achieve. Whether you need building renovation services or spec home builders, our team will work with you so you get a perfect looking home for you and your family.

We Follow A Unique Process

Initial Consultation

The client speaks to our expert home design consultants and shares the project details. We conduct a thorough site assessment and prepare a tailored concept plan for a new custom home. A further discussion takes place and a finalised plan is created based upon the client’s feedback.

Selection and Finalisation

Detailed layouts and working drawings are prepared. Selection of engineering design, colours and finishes are done. The price quotes and contracts are finalised.

Work Commencement

Then, building permits are obtained and the construction begins. Our Melbourne custom home builders guide the client until the work is completed.

Elite New Homes is a family-owned and operated company with over 20 years of experience in designing custom homes. We strive to meet all your expectations and help navigate challenges that may arise – no matter how tough they are. Our custom home builders stay updated with the trendy building designs.

Best Custom Home Builder In Melbourne

We will show you a wide range of bespoke designs for your new home, then the plans can be customised based on your input. For instance, if you want to add a guest bedroom or need a wider living room, our custom home builders in Victoria can incorporate it!

Our Experience and Expertise

We offer custom home plans for our clients. Our builders work with designers to create detailed plans for your house covering all the major aspects such as open floor plans, maximising space usability and more.

Why Us?

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Transparent pricing
  • Designs inspired by the latest international trends
  • Commitment to deliver the highest quality services

When it comes to hiring custom home builders in Melbourne, look no further than Elite New Homes.

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Custom Home Builders Melbourne - Elite New Homes
Custom Home Builders Melbourne - Elite New Homes
Custom Home Builders Melbourne - Elite New Homes
Custom Home Builders Melbourne - Elite New Homes

Discover the best custom home designs online. We will handle everything right from site management, scheduling and quotations.

So, when you plan to build your custom home in Melbourne, get in touch with us!