Elite New Homes – Herald Sun Sept 2013

Construction sites in Melton have recently been the target of theft with builders sleeping at unfinished houses.

Many builders have started sleeping at unfinished houses to prevent intruders from stealing construction items. From electrical wiring to timber and even appliances, anything that’s not bolted down is up for grabs.

Our very own Elite New Homes’ owner and director, Micheal Vella has slept in his unfinished houses too. He has even caught and chased theives from his own building sites to ensure nothing is taken.

As quoted by the Herald Sun, Michael said “They take everything. Wires, copper, timber – it’s causing huge delays and it’s frustrating.”

As mentioned by fellow builder and construction site protector, Mr Simon Agius, the builders can’t be at everywhere at once. This is incredibly frustrating for builders and clients alike as these petty crimes are pushing the end date for project completion further and further. Many builders are rely on the neighbors to help catch these thieves, even offering up cash rewards.

This spike in theft from construction sites has taken a huge financial toll on many builders and building companies. They are the ones footing the bill to replace missing parts and extend construction time frames. Tradies and other subcontractors are often showing up to work, but unable to start their job due to missing supplies or delays in construction. Some builders have installed security cameras and alarms across some of their building sites, however this is costly and may need to be replaced due to weather conditions or even theft.

Leave us alone has become the clear message from builders sleeping at unfinished houses. This is not only having an impact on the builders and their clients, but the local Melton community.

Sourced from the Herald Sun


builders sleeping at unfinished houses