Custom Home Builder FAQs

Building a new home can be a confusing time filled with terminology you may never have heard and many questions. We at Elite New Homes have created a little guide of Custom Home Builder FAQs to help clear up some of the confusion you might feel when commencing your new home build journey.

Where can I request pricing for a new home?

What does a Standard Inclusion refer to?

A standard inclusion refers to all the items included in the base price of the home. We provide a comprehensive list of standard inclusion items with each build.

Elite New Homes – Bronze Inclusions

How much will my site costs be?

Site costs are variable with each block of land and individual house design. Our estimating team will price these costings up once we have obtained your soil report, levels, civil engineering and any other relevant documents to determine what is required to ensure the integrity of your slab.

Do you build custom homes?

Yes we do. You have the opportunity to provide us with your own working drawings and we will price up your contract quotation based on your building and land requirements. Or, if you don’t have any house plans done yet, you can get an appointment with our own draftsman to design your new home.

Why doesn’t the construction of my home commence as soon as I have signed my contracts?

We have to obtain a variety of relevant documentation and paperwork in order to send your file to our Onsite team including developer approvals, council approvals, water authority approvals, engineering, energy rating, soils, levels and the building permit.

Can I engage a Private Inspector?

Yes, you have the opportunity to engage your own Private Inspector who is a Registered Practitioner of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). Any items that are raised during the construction will be reviewed by our knowledgeable Construction Supervisor accordingly.

How long will my house take to build?

Each home we build have different building time frames applied as each one has its own unique requirements, selections and materials. The building timeframe will be discussed with you prior to signing your Building Contract alongside your Sales Team Member. The Onsite Team will then work closely with you to ensure your house is built to the best standard and most efficient timeframe possible.

Can I customise my home?

We provide customised plans and give our clients to flexibility to design their homes. Based on your specific requirements, we will take you through the options.

Will you build on my land?

We provide complete home-building services and have a streamlined process. We carry out a thorough site assessment and prepare a plan for your home. If you have a plot of land and would like to build your dream home, you can benefit from our extensive experience.

Are there any other selling costs?

A Selling Commission Fee of 2.5% will have to be paid to Lifestyle Communities if it sells the home on your behalf. In case you decide to sell through a real estate agent, the selling commission fee will have to be decided with the real estate agent.

How long has Elite New Homes been in business?

Elite New Homes was founded in 2005 by Michael Vella. His design expertise and structural experience have enabled him to deliver the best at various stages of the construction project. Michael Vella has more than 16 years of experience in the residential construction industry.

Does your price include developer guidelines, covenants, site costs, etc?

We understand the importance of pricing when planning a new project. We provide comprehensive and realistic quotes that are based on your requirements. We give our clients a lot of flexibility, and our quote includes the finer details of the project. Get a quote from us today.

If you want to determine the cost of your next project, get in touch with us for a comprehensive quote.

Are there any hidden costs?

We want to make it a seamless experience for all our clients and have a transparent process. We provide an honest and realistic quote based on your requirements. You can have the peace of mind that there are no hidden costs.

What areas do you build in?

We service all of Victoria’s major suburbs.

Do you have homes we can walk through?

Yes! This can be arranged by appointment only.

Do you do knockdown rebuilds?

We understand that in certain situations, you may want to go for knockdown rebuilds. If you like your neighbourhood and location, we can assist you in making the best use of your space with our knockdown rebuilds. Our talented knockdown rebuild builders in Melbourne will make your home brand new and more spacious.

Do you design for narrow blocks?

Yes, we provide a wide range of building services and can design even for narrow blocks.

Do you have house designs for land with small lot housing codes under 300 m² (SLHC)?

As a leading provider of building services, we give our clients the customisation choices and flexibility that they are looking for. We have different floor plans and layouts for all types of homes.

Can I modify the floor plan?

We provide customised plans and take the time to understand your expectations and what exactly you want us to do. We incorporate the client’s ideas and vision into the plans. This also allows them to identify the key requirements of our clients and support them through the entire process.

Will it cost extra to customise?

We will show you a wide range of bespoke designs for your new home, then the plans can be customised based on your input. Our specialists will take you through the possibilities, and based on your budget and preferences, you can decide on the final layout of your home.

Will you build my plan?

Yes, we build plans for our clients. Our builders work with designers to create detailed plans for your house covering all the major aspects, such as open floor plans, maximising space usability and so on.

Can we choose our own colours?

We are partnered with Gallerie which is a colour selection centre where we send our clients to choose there interior and exterior colours. It is where they get to see all their house products & materials to make their vision come to life.

Do you build unit/townhouse developments?

If you want to build an all-new multi-unit building on your land, we can assist you. We provide comprehensive home design, development, and construction services at the best rates possible.

How long does the process take to start on-site?

The time depends on various factors. We have a building process that covers initial consultation, selection and finalisation, followed by work commencement. We ensure that the deadline is met and are well-positioned to handle even the most complex building requirements.

What happens after the building contract is signed? When will construction commence?

After the building contract is signed, we have to obtain a variety of relevant documentation and paperwork in order to send your file to our onsite team. There is the need for developer approvals, council approvals, water authority approvals, engineering, energy rating, soils, levels and the building permit, following which the construction will commence.

At what stages do we have to pay you to build our new home?

You will pay an initial deposit, standard plans will be approx $2k deposit and custom plans will be approximately $4k deposit, then once your slab is poured you will pay the BASE STAGE followed by FRAME STAGE, LOCK UP STAGE, FIXING STAGE and FINAL STAGE payments are made once stages are complete and inspected by a building surveyor.

Have any other Custom Home Builder FAQs? Reach out and we can provide you with answers!