Geelong Custom Home Build

The team at Elite New Homes recently completed a Geelong Custom Home Build project in Highton, Geelong. We loved the sleek and elegant look of the bathroom and wanted to showcase the beautiful design. The results are stunning!

Geelong Custom Home Build – Aesthetic Features

  • The floor tiles are from Beaumont Tiles, the unique pattern adds character to the bathroom space and complement the other aesthetic features of the room.
  • White floor to ceiling brickwork adds to the elegance of the space and contrast nicely with the darker colours in the floor tiles.
  • Sleek black tap ware, shower head and trim exude a feeling of luxury for the new home owners to enjoy
  • The added greenery uplifts the space and creates a serene atmosphere
  • The matching green tasseled towels are a fantastic choice and together with the wooden mirror frames bring the nature motif of the space together.
Geelong Custom Home Build - Elite New Homes
Geelong Custom Home Build - Elite New Homes

Geelong Custom Home Build – Key Features

  • The double vanity is a must in busy households and this design has gone even further by including two separate mirrors, so no fighting over who gets to brush their teeth now!
  • A large bath tub fits nicely into the bathroom – great for a relaxing night time soak with a glass of wine, or a fun (a messy) bubble bath.
  • The roomy shower shelf is sunk into the shower wall, so the new home owners would not need to compromise on space
  • Another space saving feature is the sliding door, this meant all the space in the bathroom could be used, without worrying about space for the door to open in.

Feeling inspired? You can check out more photos of our builds here.

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