When it comes to building or remodelling a home, Elite New Homes knows the importance of having the correct floor plan. With that in mind, we will guide you through customising your space: how to choose the right home floor plan.

If you have a dream home that needs to be brought to life, or just a few tweaks to take care of your pre-existing family base, don’t forget to factor in customising your space! Ensuring you choose the right home floor plan, so you know your bedrooms from your cupboard space, and you won’t forget the toilet!

Customising your space: how to choose the right home floor plan guarantees you cover all the important aspects of your home, from the right layout through to functionality and of course, making sure everything flows perfectly. So, where do you start?

Factors to think about

First thing’s first. If you aren’t sure what a floor plan is all about, basically it shows a technical drawing, to scale, from a birds-eye-point-of-view of what all the rooms, spaces and connections look like for your home.

Before choosing the right floor plan for you, there’s a number of things for you to think about.

  • Your circumstances – What is your family dynamic? Do you have kids or pets? Do you work from home? Do you like to entertain? Think about all of these questions so you know whether you need an office space, a large entertaining area or even somewhere for the kids to play.
  • Size – How big do you want your living spaces to be? How many bedrooms will you need? Do you need a formal and informal dining area? Floor measurements are a big part of your home plans, so think carefully about how much space you’ll need.
custom floor plan family room
  • How much you want to spend – your budget will impact your choice of floor plans and the size that you decide you want or need.
  • Think ahead – While we can’t always predict the future, it’s important to consider your future needs when choosing a specific floor plan. Will this be your forever home? Are you planning to add to your family with children as well as grandparents or other relatives? Will you need extra space in the long run? It always pays to plan ahead where possible and that needs to be considered within your floor plan.


custom home floor plan

Types of floor plans

Believe it or not, there is not a one size fits all approach with a floor plan.

  • Open – An open floor plan allows for your main living areas (dining, living, kitchen and lounge spaces) to be easily accessible and combined
  • Standard – A more traditional approach here, where each room has it’s individual space and are usually separate from each other.
  • Ranch-style – Usually features an open layout and a straightforward, rectangular shape.
  • Split-level – You’ll find bedrooms and personal spaces on one level and your main living space on another level.
  • Multi-story  – Usually a home with multiple levels with living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.


Finding the Right Custom Home Builders

By choosing a team of builders with years of experience, end-to-end design-and-build services, and great customer support, you will experience a smoother design and building process.

Want to know more about floor plans for your home? Choose Elite New Homes and make your dream home a reality. Contact us today.