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For some people, building an entirely new custom home can be overwhelming and stressful. Elite New Homes is here to take your stress away and help you move into your new home now – we offer a range of ready to move in spec homes. Spec homes are custom made homes built by professional designers and architects.

Instead of spending your valuable time researching and making decisions, you can get a beautiful house incorporated with the best features. You can quickly move into your new home with your family without having to go through the hassle of designing and building a new custom home.

We are proud to have a team of professional spec home builders in Melbourne. Our objective is to ensure each client gets great value for their home. Our spec home builders Melbourne create spec homes that are the result of months of hard work and the right combination of architecture, colours, and materials.


Why Should You Choose A Spec Home?

Moving into a spec home is a time and money-saving option for those looking for an immediate housing solution. Spec homes offer a standardised balance between functionality and reliability. They come fully designed and are already completed which means you don’t have to wait months until you can move into your new home with your family.

Elite New Homes offers constructed homes to clients who are looking for a quick alternative. Our Melbourne spec home builders are passionate about what they do, our quality workmanship and commitment is reflected in each spec home that we have designed over the years.

Choose our spec homes and you’ll get

  • Custom and Innovative Home Selections
  • Spec Homes Featuring Unique Designs
  • Fair and Transparent Pricing
  • Qualified Experts and Personalised Services

If you have any questions, our experts will happily assist you. We strive to provide innovative homes and excellent customer service.

Spec Home Designs For Guaranteed Results

We design spec homes with love and compassion, they are designed to be passed from generation to generation. Through our tailored service plans, we endeavour to make the dreams come true for families across Melbourne.

Let our qualified spec home builders in Melbourne understand your requirements and ideas. We can then offer an array of home design options.

What Makes Elite’s Spec Homes Your Forever Home?

Incredible Designs

Our spec home builders in Melbourne are always looking for newer and more advanced techniques to build homes from scratch. We’ve adopted universal design principles to make the most of the available space and finishing options.

Quality Assurance

Our trusted building inspectors and spec home builders follow a strict quality assurance protocol at various stages.

Great Services

Choose from a wide range of exceptional home designs that suit your budget and lifestyle. Contact us today and we will provide you with a free, tailored quote.

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Spec Home Builders Melbourne - Elite New Homes
Elite New Homes Build
Spec Home Builders Melbourne - Elite New Homes
Elite New Homes Build

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